So this is me


The summer in London veers wildly between hot bright sunshine and torrential rain. I’ve never written a blog before but then I’d never made a feature film before…. gearing up for the Telluride Festival and learning how to do this. Excited about going to Colorado and whom I may meet… as Top Cat used to say: “Mingle, mingle, mingle!”

About bergholtbrown

psychodynamic counsellor and filmmaker
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3 Responses to So this is me

  1. Ezri says:

    Blog on Tommy! 🙂 Top Cat hasn’t been seen much lately… time for an action-packed CGI revival movie!!

  2. Desperate to see the film SB – let us know if there are more plans to show in London, and I am going to drag your big sis along. Good luck in Colorado.

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