imageIt’s Friday so it must be the Festival du Film Britannique de Dinard, where THE SEA is one of six films in competition. The Chair of the judges is the legendary Eric Cantona, but apparently we’re not allowed to talk football to him. I don’t fancy being drop kicked (joking Eric if you’re reading this), so will only talk film with him. Unlikely to get near, though, as the judges keep strictly apart from the film-makers. Seen three films so far: THE GIRL had a gala presentation as the excellent Toby Jones is guest of honour here and also on the jury – I enjoyed it more the second time; a great study of a tormented (Alfred Hitchcock) director’s mind. Then today Gaby (my wife and cheerleader) and I saw two of the other competition movies: SPIKE ISLAND – Stone Roses wannabees go to the legendary gig, they even dragged out my old colleague and Madchester fanatic from The Word, Terry Christian to do a hopeless fake radio voiceover, but the film was energised with a great script and acting; and TITUS – long lost daughter shows up but sax-blowing dad doesn’t wanna know. So far I think I’m winning but hey! What do I know? Film is so bloody subjective for all the analysis, expertise and clever words. And both films I describe have some brilliant moments…. time to chill out, quaff some vin rouge and not worry about winners and losers!

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