Buried at Sea?

OK so now the time approacheth. The critics have rolled their sleeves up and the gloves are off. My film has its modest release on April 18th at the Curzon Mayfair and Barbican in London, the IFI and various others in Dublin, Belfast and other Irish cities, plus the Kino Digital at Hawkhurst in Kent.. also Norwich and a few carefully chosen locations. And of course, on DVD. I was thrilled that Sinead Cusack won Best Supporting Actress at the IFTAs on Saturday night and was touched by her praise read out by husband Jeremy Irons. All in all I’m ready for this thing to hit the streets – and to move on with great striving to my next project, which could come from a number of directions. And then there’s always the ironing….

About bergholtbrown

psychodynamic counsellor and filmmaker
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1 Response to Buried at Sea?

  1. Elaine Martay says:

    What about sending it to the Hippodrome, Boness, Scotland? Great little cinema with lots of arthouse films.

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