The lie that is five stars 

My regular go-to critics are Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian and Nigel Andrews in the FT. But I’m losing faith. The following quite disparate films are all given five stars or thereabouts: MISTRESS AMERICA, THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL, HARD TO BE A GOD and 45 YEARS. The first three are interesting but  by no means perfect (HARD TO BE A GOD is 177 minutes which in my book drops a star for a start!) I’m not being a philistine: I’m concerned that unless a film is an absolute classic for the ages, it cannot be granted such perfect status.

45 YEARS is actually a horrible movie, poorly acted, shot and directed with a denouement that would scrape by in a short.

It really should be harder than this to be a God!

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4 Responses to The lie that is five stars 

  1. Gaby says:

    Half way through 45 years, I turned to Steve and said, “I think that paint’s dry now”. And he repled, “yes, but it’s bound to need a second coat”.

  2. Julian Rodd says:

    I’m quite a fan of Sam Goldwyn’s “Don’t even ignore the critics” – though I admit it’s difficult in practice and impractical when on the receiving end of a good review! There does seem to be an osmosis of safe homogenised critical opinion such as 45 Years – I suppose I’ll have to go and see it…

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