Trying to get your voice heard above the cacophony that is the Toronto Film Festival is not immediately evident. This one’s a huge melting pot where all cinemas are in collision! Hollywood descends… Europe flies over ….. Asia looms and the whole thing is one great swirl. But then more considered voices prevail, too: Michele Maheux, for one, who programmed THE SEA, is generous and warm: our screening here on the huge Lightbox screen went down really well. Maheux describes the film as “an immersive tale of a troubled past engulfing the present”, saying “we never lose our place in Brown’s intricate temporal weave, or in the emotional layers conveyed by Hinds”. And talking of Hinds, Ciaran has been a great support to me here. We’re doing the full rounds of audience Q & A, press, dinners (I sat next to the estimable Brian Gleeson last night), with the odd mugfull of Bushmills single malt thrown in on the side! Also great fun was attending Creative Scotland’s rooftop do yesterday. I met some of the guys, including Holly Daniel, who so generously packed me off to Telluride last week and enjoyed talking properly with David Mackenzie about his latest, the terrific STARRED UP, and my own film. But the crux of the biscuit is what comes out of yesterday’s Press & Industry screening. Did we shout loud enough above the King Street West screams?

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