Castello Ginori di Querceto is a medieval film set where the extras are all grim faced grandmothers. It will be a jolt to transfer from this ancient world to Telluride in three days time. 

The moment the angel lands and tells Mary of her fate in Botticelli’s ANNUNCIATION in the Uffizi is like a transcendental moment of cinema. Pity you have to wade through acres of desperately sad looking tourists to get close to it.

Reading Imre Kertesz’s absolutely brilliant memoir just published in English: DOSSIER K. “When it comes down to it, in the end we are on our own, and there can be no kidding oneself in that respect. ‘A painter paints a picture with the same feeling as that with which a criminal commits a crime,’ Degas said.” Could also be said of making a film! 


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