We made the book cover!


“Now a major motion picture” in big letters along with the artistes’ names on the front cover of the film tie-in edition of John Banville’s novel, THE SEA. When you get round to the back, you find “director Stephen Brown” in tiny letters just above £7.99 – but seriously, I’m thrilled: it looks spectacular! More seriously, I reflect as the film is soon to be launched into the world, on its relationship with the novel. As far as I’m concerned, the book is a masterpiece which grows stronger with every reading. What I hope the film achieves is a distillation of one man’s journey through grief and loss. I’ve never been afraid of tackling these dark themes and in no way intend them to be morbid: these are what resonated with me in John’s novel and are at the heart of what I wanted to explore.

Time to get on my flight to Denver en route to Telluride. I didn’t need that small bar of Fruit and Nut.

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psychodynamic counsellor and filmmaker
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2 Responses to We made the book cover!

  1. Come on. It was only a small bar!

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